ImpactMatters has been acquired by Charity Navigator.

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ImpactMatters has been acquired by Charity Navigator.

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We rate nonprofits on their impact — how much good a nonprofit achieves per dollar of cost — so you can give confidently.

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Our mission is to guide donors to high-impact nonprofits by producing ratings of cost-effectiveness at scale.


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How we analyze nonprofits

We rate nonprofits based on their cost-effectiveness using a combination of nonprofit data and social science. We believe strongly in transparency. If you want to dive into our methods, start with our Impact Rating Standard.

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Step 1
Data search

We search websites, GuideStar and other public databases for a set of data points needed to calculate impact, such as the number of meals served.

Step 2

For each type of program — soup kitchen, scholarships, etc. — we build an equation to calculate impact. This equation combines data from the nonprofit (e.g., number of scholarships awarded) with social science research (e.g., effect of a scholarship on future earnings). We calculate the equation for each nonprofit.

Step 3

We then issue a star rating. To do so, we compare the nonprofit’s impact to common benchmarks. If a nonprofit is significantly better than the benchmark, we determine it is highly cost-effective and assign 5 stars. A high rating indicates that the nonprofit is making good use of resources to improve the lives of the people it serves.

Rating is a complex and inherently imperfect exercise and we urge you to read our frequently asked questions and Impact Rating Standard for details of how and why we issue these ratings.

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