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How we rate

ImpactMatters rates nonprofits based on their cost-effectiveness, defined as their impact compared to a benchmark. We do this by collecting publically available data on a program, calculating the outcomes attributable to the program, weighing attributable outcomes against program cost and, finally, comparing the result to a cost-effectiveness benchmark. Based on that comparison, we issue a 1-5 star Impact Rating, complete with a shareable badge.

Share your rating

We encourage nonprofits to share their Impact Rating with their donors. Badges let donors know your work has a measured impact on your community.

We rate nonprofits from 1-5 stars:

There are indications of governance or financial health issues at the nonprofit.

The nonprofit has chosen not to publish impact information. We do not issue this rating yet.

The nonprofit's rated program does not meet our benchmark for cost-effective.

The nonprofit's rated program is cost-effective when compared to a benchmark.

The nonprofit's rated program is highly cost-effective when compared to a benchmark.

If you received a 4- or 5-star rating, congratulations! You join a growing group of nonprofits that we have identified as cost-effective. We recommend you use the badges below to share this marker of trust with your audience.

The correct badge may be used for free by nonprofits who have received an ImpactMatters rating. Badges remain the copyrighted property of ImpactMatters and may not be used for any purpose other than authorized. Ratings are valid for three years since the date of publication or until replaced by an updated rating.

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