Impact Rating Report

Each impact rating (1-5 stars) is accompanied by a report detailing the methods for arriving at the rating and impact estimate.


  • Nonprofit name

  • Nonprofit EIN

  • Nonprofit’s exempt purpose/mission statement (taken from GuideStar or Form 990 data)

  • Governance check

Program details

  • Program name

  • Program type (e.g. “emergency shelter” or “soup kitchen”)

  • Cause area (e.g. “homelessness” or “food”)

  • Program activities (succinct description, <250 characters)

  • Time period used in the analysis (typically the most recent year with data available)

  • Geography served

  • Beneficiaries served (based on GuideStar’s standard beneficiary types)


  • Outcome metric (the metric against which success is measured)

  • Data source

  • Method for attributing outcomes (the “counterfactual”)

  • Attribution calculation


  • Cost calculation


  • Impact calculation

  • Impact statement

  • If applicable, downstream outcomes (e.g. “Reduced hunger”)


  • Benchmark for rating

  • Determination

  • 1-5 star rating

Why we might be wrong

  • Discussion

Nonprofit comment

  • We provide a space for the nonprofit to add an unedited comment.